This is really personal to me. I went to the place where I was attacked (molested but not raped) for the first time today since it happened two years ago. I was questioning whether or not it was my fault and thinking about all of the people that pass by that place casually with no idea what happened, and I wrote this. I think it needed to be written. that is the wall I was held against. That is what I wrote today. That is my shadow. And I feel stronger now for writing that.

I’m just going to keep bringing this up I think it’s important

this is really important it needs more notes

Helen Frankenthaler

'Teenage Crimes' Ph. Lotte van Raalte.

Aidan Koch
normal people buy alcohol and sunglasses but I buy designer wallpaper from the Netherlands 😂 (at maison de mishka)

USA. New York City.
Elliott Erwitt, 1946

Roland Topor